Brian Shaw

Insurance & Investment Advisor

My job as a full-service financial advisor is to develop investment strategies unique to each client that will help them prosper, plan successful retirements, or shelter personal and business incomes from taxation.

My wide variety of clients requires that I maintain a broad awareness of trends and news in many markets and be familiar with the details of many different types of investments including stocks, bonds, ETFs, commodities, currencies, shorts and puts, new issues, special situations, day-trading, TFSAs and most recently insurance plans to shelter income for both individuals and businesses.

With access to the broad range of expertise and resources in Research Financial Services Inc. I also may be able to help small and mid-sized businesses find capital with which to expand their operations.

Whether my clients want a very conservative, balanced or venture portfolio, my goal is to provide them with the strategies and services that will meet and exceed their expectations.

Please feel free to reach out to me: